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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Medicare is an entitlement Health Insurance Program for people age 65 or older, some disabled people under age 65, and people of all ages with End-Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure treated with dialysis or a transplant).

  • Medicare Part A can pay for up to 100 days for skilled nursing and rehabilitation services for each spell of illness. Medicare pays 100% for days 1 through 20; Medicare requires a co-pay for days 21 through 100; however, many supplemental policies pay some or all of the co-pay.
  • Medicare Part B (for which a monthly premium must be paid) covers physicians' services, outpatient hospital care, and some other medical services that Medicare Part A does not cover, such as physical and occupational therapist services.
  • Medicare Part D (for which a monthly premium must also be paid) offers prescription drug coverage.
  • Medicare does not pay for permanent placement, long-term care services such as home health, hospice, adult daycare, assisted living, or long-term placement nursing facility care.

Medicaid provides a full range of benefits to people who qualify both financially and medically.

  • Medicaid services include but are not limited to some services in each of the following categories: inpatient and outpatient hospital and clinic services, emergency hospital services, laboratory and x-ray services, physician services, prescription drugs, long-term care services such as home health, hospice, adult daycare, assisted living, or long term placement nursing facility care.

Who takes care of my laundry, and do I have to pay for these services?

At Texhoma, we provide laundry services free of charge. We offer each resident the choice to either have family or the facility provide the laundry services.

Is there a Beauty Shop located close by?

Regular beauty care is provided by hair stylists at Texhoma. Our beauticians can provide hair care as needed at no cost to our residents. Residents requesting permanents are asked to donate $10.00 to help offset the cost of these services.

Can I eat with my loved one any time I want?

Anyone that wishes to dine with their loved one is welcome at any time! All visitors dining at Texhoma are required to purchase meal tickets at $5.00 each. You can purchase meal tickets at the Windmill main lobby desk Monday - Friday.

What is the visitation schedule?

Texhoma does not have set visitation hours, so we encourage family and friends to visit residents at any time.

How does my loved one get to his or her physician appointments?

As one of Texhoma’s services, we provide transportation to all physician appointments. This is a service we provide at no charge. Please be aware that physicians require a family member or family representation at each appointment.

Are residents allowed to have personal items and furniture in their rooms?

Residents are welcome to bring personal items and furniture from home as long as the items do not create a safety hazard for anyone who may be living, working, or visiting in the room. Any electrical items must be checked by the staff prior to use in the room.

Periodic checks are conducted, and any item that does not meet Life Safety Code or Fire Safety Code regulations will be removed and held to be picked up by family.

What rights do I have in a nursing home?

At Texhoma Christian Care Center, your rights are much the same as your rights in the community. You may have to get used to living with other people who have their own likes and dislikes. However, you should expect certain basic rights such as privacy, dignity, and individuality. For example, staff should knock before entering your room, and you should be able to have private visits with your family. You should be allowed to come and go, if you can do so safely. You have the right to be as independent as possible.

Resident Rights

The list of rights will be provided upon checking in, or you can download a copy using the link to the right.

Do all staff members undergo background checks?

Yes, it is campus policy that all applicants, prior to an initial interview, undergo background checks. Additionally, background checks are conducted annually on all facility employees.

Thanks for the care and love you gave my grandmother. She always told me how much she loved it there and how sweet everyone was to her. I appreciate that more than you know.
~ Becky Swanson

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